Sunday, March 26, 2017

West Summerland Key

There is no story here, just me and my dog enjoy a late sunny morning.
 The approach ramp to the old highway bridge at Bahia Honda makes a nice hill. Rusty chases iguanas and I take pictures, looking down on the water, not an easy thing to do in the Keys;
 He stood at the edge and looked down. I love that there are no rails or signs or precautions here. Be sensible and enjoy the freedom.
 In the background you can see the beach at Bahia Honda State Park. In the foreground one of Nature's clean up crew scavenging for dead bodies to eat:

 What splendid views:

 We make a good team, Rusty and I:
 A fifteen minute ride in the car gets us here:

Two hours later we were home with tea and books and the need for a nap, together.