Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Duval In October

A stroll on Duval Street yesterday afternoon surprised me. It wasn't the heat, one expects a temperature near ninety degrees this time of year, as we await the arrival of cold fronts to give relief from the endless summer. It was the huge number of people on the street that surprised. We took refuge inside the former Fast Buck Freddie's department store at 500 Duval which I described here previously as an art fair.

Granted yesterday was a holiday, one of those days off which may or may not mean businesses other than government offices may be closed. Retail stores excluded in the hope that tourist traffic idling along the sidewalk might try stopping and seeking an impulse purchase. Some impulses are firmly discouraged, impulses I'd never even imagined I might have.

People watching is a pleasant pastime and for me the sight of serious" touring motorcycles was as unusual as it was odd, but there again BMW riders are notorious for over dressing. And looking serious.

I'm kidding though my sense of humor could hardy be described as Teutonic, so I shall move on to the more usual attire of hardcore riders on Duval Street, equally goofy at the opposite extreme.

If ever I take the mufflers off my bike please shoot me. These dudes killed my eardrums but they are the norm in Key West and make you miss the sight of silent " serious " BMW riders....Mind you, these guys look pretty serious too.

This picture I couldn't resist, bikers seeking out their individual self expression on Eaton Street.

I miss my motorcycle when I'm driving my cage. It makes me bitchy. Especially when I see cagers behaving like silly billies. Wedged in nicely!

Unless you drive a commercial truck then it's not "parking" but "loading" which makes it possible to connect the southernmost city with the outside world. Getting stuff shipped is when you remember how nice it is that Key West is in Florida and thus part of those famous contiguous 48 states. Puerto Rican shipping rates don't apply here.

Better to be on foot downtown, in any style that suits you:




Or ride a bicycle. Lots to choose among here.

And for those who have to drive, lots of people like to pimp their cages.

Once back in the car and driving outbound on Fleming the view sinks out of sight. Oh well.

It was nice seeing Duval again. Nice to see it reasonably busy. Must make a note to self to do this again soon.