Monday, December 26, 2011

Shavers Lane 2009

This blog started as a geographic photo record of what ever I saw and I wanted to see all the fascinating streets and alleys that make up Key West. This view of Shavers Lane from 2009 is typical of the essays I have been doing since 2007, a mixture of Key West streets and Lower Keys landscapes. All of which will continue next month when picks up where Key West Diary and Old Town Key West leave off.Shavers Lane lies west of Duval, and it has two notable bookends. Above one can see the north side of the Hemingway House on Olivia Street and below on the Petronia street end is the rather oddly named restaurant which sells desserts only called Better Than Sex:
In light of the fact that Key West is currently in a ferment over plans announced by the City Commission to hold a nude beach referendum, you'd think that a restaurant by such an unappetizing name might merit a referendum of it's own. No such luck. That and the ghastly Big 'Uns bar on Duval are here to stay apparently. Looking toward Olivia Street Shavers carries old time Key West charm, breeze block walls and bright lime paint:
Despite it's location in the heart of the city Shavers boasts vast open lots of land with tiny, elderly cottages perched on a corner of them: And it's own share of peculiar residents, or residents with peculiar senses of humor:I don't have any such sign at my house but I belong to the big stick and less braggadocio school of thought. On the subject of trespassing I really wanted to invade this secret driveway but contented myself with a picture from a legal spot in the lane:And this next cottage revealed itself a palace when viewed from two sides. Small and intimate from here:Stretching all the way back into the next lot with a side apartment and deck when viewed from here:Perhaps I haven't had my head in the air so much lately but when I spotted these sneakers I was once again reminded that people do the most inexplicable things. Urban legend has it the shoes may mark a drug delaing location. I am dubious because who needs to mark such things:There are large lumpen buildings on Shavers too, this one artfully masked by greenery in bloom:And these identical homes in the famous Conch Cottage style, though rather more spacious than Cuban cigar workers might have enjoyed:The originals might have looked more like this:

Or this, which is high on the scale of cute:And this a parting thought on the wall at the Petronia Street end:

To which demand I can only ask: why?