Sunday, February 19, 2017

Morning At The Beach

These lovely cool winter mornings. 
I left home with the sunlight pushing up over the horizon though the orb itself only managed to break the horizon itself by the time I got down to the beach.
I met a dude sitting in a chair shown below. He was friendly enough and petted Rusty and asked how I was doing and so forth. He had had a close call recently the almost victim of unfortunate luck and now with life once again stretching out before him apparently limitless, he was approaching each day with renewed fervor. We watched the sun come up and he told me he was glad to be there and as Rusty dragged me off down the beach to his favorite spots it was a moment worth reflecting on. I am nto much given to telling people how to live but I was glad he shared the moment. I like to think I have made it a lifelong habt to live in the moment as much as I can. And its not an easy thing to do either.

The light tower would be Sombrero Light south of Marathon. Amazing telephoto lens on my Panasonic Camera.

Hmm, low low tide, for now no sailing.
And so back home under threatening skies.