Saturday, May 16, 2020

Color And Sun

I am working this weekend, Saturday Sunday and Monday. six in the morning till six at night therefore the sun is scheduled to shine. By Tuesday when I get a day off rain is forecast. Naturally.
Check out these colors under the sun from last week. I have always thought of the Keys as green white and blue but red yellow and blue has been seen quite a bit around town. Must be the lack of people or something.
A few petals on the windshield of a black car...lots of negative space!
I saw this octopus and fish and I marveled at the homeowner who can imagine these kinds of decorations. I liked it a lot.
The southwestern pot sitting in a. porch with the rising sun. Rusty and I were walking sometime after seven in the morning and as he stops to sniff I see this ray of sunshine on this classic design that I think of as typical New Mexico. Irresistible.
Check out this chunk of coral rock.  You can't pick this stuff up if you are in a park but if you have some more power to you. The textures are amazing to look at. Imagine an aerial view of a desert or a glacier and you could hold the rock in your hand.
The next two pictures got not much traction on Instagram but I love the history. This is what I see during lock down, no people, no signs of human eccentricity, and instead the quiet signs stand out. History is everywhere.
There is so much history of technology in human progress. Chewing gum, yellow fever, tooth name it things have got better ostensibly. A lot of people think we will see a new normal after the pandemic but I doubt it. I suspect we will go back to commuting polluting, getting and and being "normal" in a hurry.   Mindfulness is a pain in the fast paced world. I can't wait to retire!
The factory sent me a message to say the van conversion should be finished the first week of June. We shall see but I look forward to picking up my quarantine machine.  My new normal! Just in time for hurricane season, as planned.