Thursday, January 18, 2018

Burgers Galore

I don't know what's going on but I told my wife I was caught up in some kind of burger eating marathon. Two days  ago I had a burger in Marathon, and very good it was too. That night my wife, tempted no doubt by my descriptions wanted a burger so that was dinner and yesterday Robert sent me a text, as though on cue. We have our preferred place and we've been coming here for some considerable time. I took his picture in 2016 before Hurricane Irma wrecked my motorcycle:
Beer and Burgers, Key West
Sitting out at the counter at Bier Boutique on First Street, was perfect yesterday as the north wind hadn't properly kicked in and temperatures were quite mild. Rusty had been getting quite a few walks all morning before and after my exercise class so he was ready to relax:
Robert was also ready to do his duty so I could nothing other than follow his lead. I had a cheeseburger with some thick bacon rashers and barbecue sauce while Robert had the day's special which involved a bison patty salami mozzarella and balsamic sauce which he elected to have wrapped in rabbit food. They are very accommodating.
You collect your biodegradable (non Styrofoam) container from the window and there in front of you is a massive selection of beer and cider and all you have to do is ask. Luckily as it was Robert's turn to pay I didn't even have to proffer any plastic. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like Bier Boutique and they deliver food and beer if you are snowbound, or not feeling like getting up, in Key West.
Eventually we had to tear ourselves away from our comfortable perches and wide ranging  conversation as Robert had to be busy and I had a dog (and a hamburger)  to walk. I followed Rusty as he led me to Higgs Beach where I saw the shrimp boats at anchor hiding from north winds. They had calmed down a bit but now a new front is hammering the Keys with strong winds.
They can sit south of key West in flat water and wait for 30 mile an hour winds and temperatures down to the mid 50's to dissipate by this weekend. Today's predicted high, as i write is 60 degrees. I wonder why smart alecs Up North point out they have snow. Sure and is that unexpected? If you live in Colorado or New England do you have the sense to gear up for snow? Cold damp sea air makes it much colder here especially for people used to 80  degrees. I have no ski gear, our spare blankets are more like throws and when life is predicated on being outdoors this cold snap gets boring fast. I haven't ridden the Vespa in two weeks. By contrast I don't mind 100 degrees and high humidity in summer I listen to  those smart alecs complain about 80 whole degrees in a  July "heatwave." Must be tough.
 It was cold enough for easy rider Harley types to bundle up and wear helmets. 
It's cold enough to convince me to ride the car to work until this seasonal stuff goes away.