Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sammy Creek

A walk on Sugarloaf Key to take advantage of the end of summer sunlight, darkness falls around 7:30 these days, brought us eventually to Sammy Creek. Above as it is today and below as it was before Hurricane Irma swept the place with 140 mile per hour winds.
The structures survived remarkably well:

What seems to have happened is the gravel and dirt got washed away leaving the pathways as mere suggestions:
The  kayak ramp is still there.
I took this picture a few years ago walking Cheyenne in the same place:
Rusty liked the exploration:
Even the signboards miraculously survived the storm. They tell the story of the old house that used to be here and the family gave the land to the state to make a park. I remember the building sitting on the creek and the no trespassing signs. I like it better like this... 
So does he:

These days, looking at the ruined landscaping I like to say to myself that you can't keep anything nice in the Florida Keys, but it will come back no doubt.

And a reminder of the storm that struck home was this empty box of reduced salt meals-ready-to-eat. The self heating packets were a lifesaver after Irma.
Glad that's over. More or less. For now.