Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Old Town

We reached the end of the lane and Cheyenne stood there wondering what next. If she is enjoying her walk she always goes to the very end of each dead end and there are a lot of dead ends in Key West and neighboring islands. Her indecision gave me a chance to snap a quick picture of a Christmas wreath which should have come down weeks ago.

"Should have " is a strong term but I was taught that everything had to be put away by Twelfth Night -January 6th, or bad luck would follow. I am not superstitious but I'll take any excuse to see people move on and clear up the special decorations. They aren't special if they hang around forever.


I liked these leaves, autumnal as the season requires yet vibrant.

Key West is frost free year round which is not to say plants don't retreat and lose leaves in the winter, but there is always some corner where Nature burgeons in these sub tropical islands.

We've had a lot of great gray skies lately and temperatures have been cool if not cold.

There's still plenty of green in the city.

The pineapple, especially when stylized is a symbol of welcome in Key West. Flagler wanted to get his rail link all the way to Key West a hundred and one years ago in part because he wanted to bring tropical fruit back to the States from Cuba. He wanted New Yorkers buried in snow buying his fresh Cuban pineapples. Welcome indeed!

I have noted on this page the problems one has with the trades in the Keys. I saw this rather attractive, high falutin' sign on the street. Had I the money and the need I'd hire them based on the sign. But then you always end up wondering if they will show up and do as they promise. My wife's cousin lives in the suburbs of Chicago and says she too has the same issues. Sweet of her to make me feel better!

I'll bet she could use tires like these, were she tall enough to be able to climb into this car. The good news is you don't have to drive very far in Key West on these doughnuts if you don't want to. More good news, the rubber jutting out will act as a bumper when an incompetent parker bumps your Jeep.

This cat was ready for Cheyenne to lurch but my dog walked blithely by intent on finding food scraps not scrapping with a feline.

Want an empty lot? You,d be surprised how many bits and pieces there are around town, unused and apparently not needed. I like to see them as a reminder that there's still a little room available on this crowded island.

A good walk a good walking town, well away from the bars of Duval.