Monday, August 17, 2020

Beyond Normal

A  few pictures from a quiet walk in darkness, old town Key West. I am not much of a  fan of photographing the moon as it doesn't seem to change much from month to month but on an excessively dark morning there was one solitary star which was I suppose the planet Venus. It usually is Venus when there is a star next to the moon but perhaps there is as much confusion up there as there is down here these days, who knows what normal is.
Everything is for sale. It always is, isn't it? However against the garish banner I saw the rather delightful door ornament. One thing about the pandemic is that it has me looking harder for stuff I don't normally see. The five dollar stores with their irritating barkers I try to avoid normally. 
I hope it was Venus up there in the darkness as that white spot seemed to be tracking Rusty and my progress down Front Street as we passed that weird bank which has been a landmark forever at the corner of Duval and Front. I've seen it looking just as it does today in photos from more than a century ago strange brick designs and all.
Fantasy Fest has been canceled this year of course and I caught this reminder of that fact.  I am one of the few who doesn't mind the week off. I particularly like how the new organizers were trying to get it back to a carnival and less of a tasteless strip tease in the streets, but there was always a certain pleasure in having a private holiday that mucked up normality for week. Fantasy Fest is that time of year when appointments get put on hold "...until after Fantasy Fest." Naturally the gormless side of the week off grabbed too much attention but I shall miss it this year. Then I'll only have, God willing, one more to go.
Reflection of a store window sign. Not normal at all but I liked the effect.
Bar pilots are out of work according to the paper and though one doesn't often think about their line of work when you do you realise that indeed with no cruise ships they have nothing much to do. Their boat tied up near the Galleon Resort probably won't see any before next year some time. Guiding large ships into a  small harbor seems a ghastly way to earn a living to me but the four of them apparently make a great deal of it so you know its not easy work. Imagine stepping off this metal deck onto a ladder off the side of a thousand foot long cruise ship moving through not so smooth seas... and then telling the captain where to park and directing the crew what to do. Not for me. Not normal at all.
 Key West muted. For now. Back to normal next year maybe?