Friday, June 10, 2016

Old Town Walk

It worked out that I could take Rusty into town for his morning walk and I found it to be a pleasant change to Rusty's preferred woodsy environment. He seemed to enjoy it too.  
After all these years I still find I enjoy the architecture in Old Town, the louvered shutters and the steep pitch of the roof:
I used a filter for this restored house on the corner of Elizabeth and Fleming Streets. I have photographed it quite a bit over the years but I liked this picture the best for some reason.
 It was refreshing to look through foliage and see not more foliage but traces of civilization. 
Some neighbors are kinder than others. Feral cats are a huge issue in the Keys but I was glad to see them fed. Rusty was not presence enough to put them off their food:
 Always somehing to see in Key West.