Monday, June 20, 2016


As bizarre as it is, there is still a certain atmosphere to the place that took me by surprise.  We visited on a Sunday and pretty damned close to the Solstice so even though I think sun worship is over rated Bamahenge intrigued me. 
Giant hollow blocks of fiberglass towering over you, set up over a decade to recreate exactly the sun worshippers' original on Salisbury Plain...
How weird is that?
Not half as weird as the rest of the showstopper that is the Barber Parkway in the middle of nowhere on Alabama's Gulf Coast. 
Yes. They also built dinosaurs to populate the pine forests. The weird part of this whole experience is that none of these bizarre attractions is advertised. No signage, no srrows, no parking signs...
Crazy stuff, all leading to a half unused Marina built by George Barber, the man who built my favorite museum outside Birmingham Alabama dedicated to old motorcycles. 

 The Marina is supremely well equipped with boat storage in sheds, several travel lifts, launch ramps parking,a store and not too many boats. The store also has a collection of restored antique outboards- a typical Barber touch. All in all well worth a visit. 


Elgin Lane