Friday, January 27, 2017

Key West Bight

Summer calm in Key West, daily highs around 80, nighttime lows near 70. Perfect.
A walk on the boardwalk through Key West Bight, known to some as the Historic Seaport. 
Public toilets - lovely! convenient! However the idiot graffiti artists asks us to flash after each use.
 So why does anyone plan not to flush? 
The harbor water taxi which ferries people to and from anchored boats. A smooth dry ride.
A cabin top picnic enjoying the almost setting sun.
I liked the picture and apologize for the fuzziness. Harbor rats doing their thing. 
Reminds me of the good old days.
There's lots to do: drink, feed the birds or fish, take pictures, watch the boats...
Or you could attempt all at once:
They call the sunset boats packed with passengers head boats or cattle boats. 
I stopped for the pause that refreshes, focaccia at Pizza Duetto my current downtown favorite snack.
The owner is from Verona and we talk Italian together and discuss the merits of emigration.
He misses New York sometimes even as he makes a success of Greene Street. 
Boats and bicycles. 
Selling tickets for the headboats as the sun sets and makes everything look gold.