Thursday, January 28, 2021

Things I've Seen

Just walking and looking.
Outside Fausto's on Fleming someone had eaten a box of ribs, picked them clean, then left the bones in the box and walked away failing to connect the trash with the can.
One of those pandemic positives we see from time to time: sidewalk dining which should be a common sight in Key West but isn't. Better indoors with air conditioning seems to be the rule.
Overexposed picture of Duval Street, I was going to dump it but I liked the mood of burning heat it imparts. It wasn't really summer hot but I liked the look:
This plaque on the drug court complex caught my eye once again. I remember all the county commissioners listed. Three dead, one retired, one sitting. Time spares none of us. Commissioner David Rice gave me my psych test when I applied to be a police despatcher. I've been around too long.

Key West is pretty no doubt about that.