Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am laid low by some nasty illness that Dr Norris says is sinusitis. The symptoms are a hacking cough, hacking enough to shock a Labrador and to cause Cheyenne to come and check me out anxiously as I gasp and struggle to clear my airways. My Jewish wife is feeding me chicken soup and antibiotics as I lay on her yoga pad on the couch and feel sorry for myself. Chuck on Fleming says absinthe is the way to go and I think he may be right but my wife says no milk and thus no proper Yorkshire Gold tea, so I am reduced to drinking ghastly flavorless white tea and eating gruel. Personally I think this is an act of germ warfare by the nefarious riepe recovering from his own bout with bronchitis in Pennsylvania. Perhaps I am a victim of secret government biological warfare experiments. Or perhaps it is just my turn to feel like crap for a few days. And if anyone wants to go across the canal and sabotage the very noisy crew rebuilding Vera's burned out home I would be very grateful. I can't tell which is my nerves in my cranium and which is their circular saw making the screeching sounds and both hurt my head.