Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Town Tour

Duck Avenue looking wets toward the setting sun, except there are no tourists here. They are all crowding Mallory Square, the beaches, odd roof tops and more familiar places. 
Duck Avenue, Key West
New Town is where the business of key West carries on, shopping, homes with yards hold workers who have a grip albeit tenuous on homes not desired by snowbirds who just love Key West. These streets are wide and straight and not at all historic.
New Town, Key West
Homeless dudes hang here with their bicycles and their bundles just like they do in Old Town. Some aspects of Key West don't change no matter the neighborhood.
Riviera Drive, Key West
New affordable housing is popping up here at Flagler and Eleventh. Half million dollar homes on stilts complete with parking, air conditioning, they are waterproof structures with windows that close. Features you cannot count on when you buy a million dollar cottage where the writers used to live when Key West was bohemian. 
New Construction, Flagler Avenue
Some people decided that stilts were a good idea after Hurricane Wilma flooded a third of the entire city. I've heard stilt homes derided in New Orleans as "olives on toothpicks." But dry in a flood.
New Town, Key West
Yes, not fashionable but practical if you don't like a car commute, New Town is within cycling distance of what you need in Key West.