Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bella Luna Italian

The winter season is kicking in slowly as snow Up North hasn't yet been abundant we are told. It's a good time to get out and use the facilities as it were before the hordes show up. We went Italian.
Bella Luna is one of several eateries in the Lower Keys between Big Coppitt and Big Pine that make it possible to stay out of town and still have a pleasant evening out.
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Bella Luna is entering their second winter in operation and the night we were there it was raining so the new outside patio wasn't indicated.
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They make crisp calamari rings and the Tuscan eggplant stack appeals to my wife who is very find of squid and eggplants, both.
We've had the baked pasta before and I ordered it again as its something my wife doesn't make. We shared that and a fresh crisp pear salad.
We finished with my favorite dessert anywhere which is the panna cotta("cooked cream") which is a firm milky cold custard and it makes me salivate just to think about it. We know the chef and he had us try the cheese plate which was served with crisp fried bread. Sweet pickles truffle cheese blue cheese and fruit was really too much on top of the sweet.
Over the top and delightful. I plan to sneak a visit during the arrival of the snowbirds and who knows maybe during too.