Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Boca Chica

Last week it was cold, tide was low and it seemed a good day to see the beach without hordes of accompanying mosquitoes.
 I got a bunch of pictures, the same place a different mood.
 One human family is Key West's motto and the free bumper stickers crop up everywhere. The concept of One Human Family has been stretched all over the place and anytime someone feels excluded, or their parrot or a tree or something the motto crops up angrily. 

The thing about Boca Chica is that it attracts builders. People come and go and leave their mark. What wasn't here this month may be there next month.
I have no idea what point it has if any. I didn't  go too close because given a summer storm it'll be gone to make way for some other creative soul.
 This lot hangs out all winter it seems like on the reef:

 Low low tide, looking toward the Naval Air Station.
 Out to sea:

 Remains of the old State Road 4A pilings with yet more stone construction in the background.

And Rusty couldn't be excluded. He wanted to run:

 All the shoes on the fence have been removed and someone appears to have started a fresh collection. Weird:
I was there last January.