Monday, March 29, 2021


It was sunset. I know that because I was there and because the sun sets to the left when you are looking north. Otherwise there isn't a landmark to be seen on the trail. That's life in the Florida Keys. 
Oh wait, the setting sun has illuminated the lacy threads of a cobweb. Pretty cool.
And then there is the setting sun shining across the ...mud. The effect of low tide. Oddly enough much of the Keys are affected more by tides than by rain. The water you will see in these pictures is actually salty and not even your (my) dog will drink it.
Mangroves either a0 on fire or b0 illuminated at a low angle by the sun:
Red mangroves living happily in ocean water.
What tangled webs we weave when first we practice to grow among the mangroves. 
I really like the still windless days coming this next blazingly hot summer, if only because I can never get enough of the mangrove reflections. These aren't terrible but the water is still slightly ruffled.

The rich red sunset in a cloudless sky. There is a blimp, the only blimp in the Keys operated by the air force over Cudjoe Key and known jocularly as Fat Albert.
And that is another mangrove walk in the history books.