Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lobster Fest

Lobster Fest is one of those events put together to fill a summer weekend in a town that needs a constant flow of visitors to survive the summer doldrums of the tourist industry. Chuck was thinking about his road trip to Maine, the place where some people say, one goes to get real lobsters, not Florida's crawfish...Chuck and Wayne weren't setting out on the road with the deliberate intent of snubbing Florida lobster, though there was a fair bit of lip smacking going on at the mention of New England lobster rolls. At our house they fortified themselves with blue corn pancakes and fruit salad and chicory coffee before their long drive Up North.After that my wife and I somehow resisted the afternoon heat and stayed home. I was going to work at 6pm, she did some work during the afternoon with fellow teacher Josh, preparing for the new school year which starts August 23rd.Cheyenne napped, exhausted from her morning walk. I played with my camera until it was time to leave. Duval Street, an hour before my shift started, was a different world. Commerce under the sun.
The Key West Citizen reported lobster fishermen in some cases decided to get their catch to the festival in an effort to get slightly higher prices. I don't mind the flavor or texture of lobster but I find it hard to get enthused about eating an animal that, left unmolested, might live 120 years. What that has to do with it, I couldn't really say, but since I found out how long these harmless, defenseless creatures live, I have found it hard to eat them. An Italian ice looked like a good idea to me.There did not seem to be vast, overwhelming crowds on Duval Street this year.There were enough people around to keep this guy amused.
The tower on Old City Hall had some competition. I prefer the tower to the bottle as a symbol of the city.
Or the bare chested cyclist, of which there were several stalwarts on hand to represent the southernmost city.I thought this sign was more than usually harsh. Not every vacationer wants to move here. The idea of the electric car as recycling bin held some appeal for me. I wish these vehicles could be allowed to drive just a tad bit faster on city streets.Happiness was beer and lobster for some. Lots of lobster.
Seen this way the poor thing looks like the alien from the movie of the same name. Creepy.
I just don't see the pleasure of standing around in the sun balancing a paper plate and struggling with bendy plastic cutlery. If it's lobster I want I would pay to sit in comfort and eat it.
I am in a minority of one in this heresy.
The dust catcher stalls lined the street.
A Key West event without a parrot (another excessively long lived animal) is not a proper event.
Lobster appeals to everyone.
St Paul's looking magnificent in the afternoon sun.
I think in a month or so Duval will be home to the swarms of Bike Week. I don't know how I will amuse myself till then.