Monday, March 19, 2012

Key West Bight

It feels like summer, it looks like summer though it isn't yet officially even Spring.

It seems so carefree doesn't it? Hanging in the Key West harbor.

It's where people come and go and take day trips on the water.

I was checking out the equipment on the traveler's boats, like the classic wind generator on the back of this sail boat. It's the sort of tool travelers use on longer cruises, to enjoy the benefits of home made electricity.

The classic glowing teak stern rail marks the back of one of the classic square diggers that take tourists on sailing trips.

They don't just offer classic teak either, alcohol flows.

The front of the Appledore (the bowsprit to be technical) versus the stern of the Western Union in the distance.

The life of a paid sailor seems romantic to youngsters especially it seems to those raised far from the ocean in icy land bound states. They come to Key West in winter and sail to New England for summers.

They sell tickets on the boardwalk for the trips.

And park their Sportsters in front of "No Parking" signs.

It's where the visitors come for an afternoon stroll to check out the waterfront.

Key West Bight.

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