Monday, December 17, 2012

Smoking Outback

There was a smell of smoke at Outback a few nights ago. Shit I thought to myself as we dispatched engines, what if Outback burns? People ask me where locals eat and and I say Miami Subs and Outback and the visitors get annoyed at me for being obtuse. The fact is working locals can't eat out in places geared to charge visitors the maximum tourist dollar. I don't mind high prices when I'm on vacation.
I like Outback for the same reason I like Miami Subs, value for money and efficient cheerful service. I like to eat out other places too of course but Colombian Grace and Santiago's are not cheap even though I think they offer excellent value for the money they charge. I know, I'm not supposed to like chains but Outback is my exception to that rule. I was really glad to see this was a false alarm.

A Fresh Start To The Week

A weekend off work means a chance to see the sunrise as the start of the day, not as the end of the work night. There have been some nice pinks and oranges in the cloudy skies and it was a pleasure to walk without feeling ready for bed.
Cheyenne really doesn't care much about the physical beauty. She was last seen ploughing into a bush in pursuit of some foul smelling morsel. Who, I ask myself throws food away like this?
As the sun came up we got into Bill Butler Park and the elongating effect of the camera makes it look like a gumbo limbo forest not an urban green space.
This is winter in Key West so for se reason bougainvillea blossoms like crazy. Far better this than a snowdrift.
Wandering the alleyway that connects the park to Elizabeth Street I nearly got run down by a keen scooterist using his modest machine as a pick up truck.
I met some discarded footwear in a recycling bin. I couldn't conceive what the story might be behind that mess. I didn't look too closely but the shoes appeared to be in good condition, debauchery indicated, perhaps and shoes got discarded along the way?
I've seen a few of these tricycles around town, a Chinese imitation of a Ruckus scooter by Honda, with an axle at the back. It seems cumbersome to me but I have never had trouble holding myself up, most of the time, on two wheels. It isn't nearly as compact as a two wheeled scooter to park either.
I wonder if in old age I will need to ride a hack (a sidecar combination) and if I do, will I be allowed to park it in scooter parking spaces? These sorts of abstruse questions worry me when I have time on my hands. And then I saw a heavily decorated bicycle in a style not similar too but certainly to be appreciated by those supporters of the late Captain Outrageous's mobile works of art. There was no website to be found, unless theold fashioned paper message attached to the machine counts as a 20th century website after a fashion.
And as my walk came full circle back to Simonton Street I found myself in front of the office of the Secretary General of the Conch Republic, a state of mind that has become a matter of business for the self styled leader of the blue flagged republic. The message at the front was mixed, a warning about surveillance near the sidewalk with a cheerful welcome sign on the door, take your pick.
It was just another pleasant walk through a town with things to see and much to notice if you have a mind to see it.