Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Smell Of...Bug Spray

Standing around looking up as the silence was shattered by helicopter rotors.

My pocket camera isn't much good at action photography.

It's the price I pay for having my camera with me all the time in a compact little package.

Mosquito control was out apparently spraying or perhaps surveying because I saw none of the fmailiar little pellets flying around.

I guess it must have been dropping them as it came in low over the mangroves.

Mosquito control is enormously scientific these days and they use BT granules which I believe sterilizes the mosquitoes or something like that.

Bacillus Thuringensis is supposed to be non toxic to animals and fish and car body paint however sceptics disagree with the claims that the stuff is benign.

However I know that mosquitoes are not benign at all and I take plenty of satisfaction in knowing that Mosquito control is dealing with the pests.

I've heard it said that flies are God's mistake but I am pretty sure mosquitoes are too.

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Sun And Leaves

Cheyenne is a very companionable dog. After our walk she sat down and I sat next to her and we spent twenty minutes just hanging out watching no one go by.

I find asphalt to be drier and warmer in the cool weather so I ended up stretching out on the edge of the road next to my Labrador. The pleasure of working nights puts me out and about in the middle of the day when traffic is lightest. Which is lucky else I might have got run over. But there was no one coming:

As I lay next to my dog I watched the sunlight playing on the leaves overhead. It felt like spring in the country, the air was fresh the grass was rich and green from the recent rains and there wasn't a sound to be heard.

And we were just lounging around, Cheyenne and I on Big Pine Key.

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Park As You Are

It looked as though the SUV was pulling out from the Post Office parking lot. Not a bit of it!

Arrested by some fascinating piece of mail, unfolded over the wheel, half in and half out of the lot the car was stopped never mind passing traffic.

Had some nervous nellie got confused and swerved to avoid hitting the "exiting" car I have no doubt the man studying his mail would have thought them an idiot.

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A Key West Skyline

Standing on Olivia Street looking across the cemetery one sees a tall palm survivor.

Look southwest and see the decidedly unnatural cellphone tower on Southard Street.

Elsewhere it's all pointy roofs, clouds and wires.

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Key West Pix XVI

What a weird sign I saw at the pawn shop on Truman. Perhaps I get to hear too much of the stupidity and badly planned procreation that goes on in this town but mocking the fools for profit seems in keeping with our times where we rejoice in the misery of our neighbors.

I rejoice at Fiona's good fortune always hoping that her reign, celebrated in soluble chalk, is what she has always wished for.

I have photographed this fading sign before. It's a sentiment that can extend to anyone living here with a job, friends and a kind dog. I shall adopt it's sentiments immediately. At least for a while.

Not only does this paragraph prohibit parking, it specifies those that may feel exempt and it even explains the wherefores regarding the prohibition. I have no doubt the willfully stupid will still manage to ignore it.

One wonders where they went and when, Lighthouse Construction.

Their services are still needed here, where they have a very faded sign:

Two contradictory advisories in one sign. I find random graffiti in Key West to at best be bizarre, no better than making up weak poetry to induce the poor to part with their valuables.

Smoke weed- a recommendation for stupidity and self destruction which seems counter intuitive in our current circumstances. Free truth- an unlikely hope when expressed solely by defacing a road sign.

I'd rather admire a green lightbulb. I asked the occupant where it came from but he knew not whence the landlady came by it. I shall enquire of Summerland Ace my neighborhood hardware store that stocks everything and can order anything else. Amazing people.

Nature has some odd ways of expressing itself. Like these left over flower stems on a cactus.

And humans do the same. This honey comb is an insert in a gravel driveway. I want to pave my gravel at my house but this sort of honeycomb I find appealing as well. My wife remains unconvinced.

Financing available! Whoo hoo! Too bad house values continue to plummet as unemployment numbers shoot up. Odd that isn't it? Do you suppose they may be connected?

Which brings us back to the beginning. It's an ill wind that blows no one any good and instead of buying a home buying a pawn shop might be a good idea to weather the next round of our "economic recovery."

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