Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Bahama Village

The fact is streets in Bahama Village really are narrow. Which doesn't mean life as we know it ceases here. You just have to be patient and careful while walking, riding or driving.
The reward is pretty little Conch Cottages of which I have a selection photographed here:

The yellow corner building is the Angelina, a guest house among the less expensive in Key West (a relative concept) and very atmospheric place it is too. Inside as well as out.
Another narrow street, so mind the bus...
...but the rest of Angela Street is packed with parked cars. I know it seems odd that there are so many cars in a small flat town but I have to point out that if you go back to the 1920s before  there was a continuous road to the mainland even, cars were all over the place.
Nowadays with a decent main road to the mainland you can be in California in four long days of driving, from right here. Pretty amazing.
I haven't done that trek in that much of a hurry for a long time but my wife I once drove from Stock Island to San Diego in three and a half days and the dogs still liked us by the end of that trip. It was a rented minivan so there was lots of room for us all to spread out and our tropical dogs were quite taken with the desert as we droned across Texas and Arizona. 
Most people who choose to live her prefer to not drive and I know numbers of people who have only the vaguest idea of what the road looks like past Stock island. My explorer gene has never died and I am always ready to go see what's over the horizon. 
A bicycle, with the perfect custom made lock, a bag to keep the seat dry, a basket for errands and a cupholder on the handle bars. Not a cross country ride but very useful nevertheless...
No need to leave the Village if this is where you live.
Oh and don't do as the locals do, because no parking signs are for people that don't know the score, not for people who know where they actually are allowed to park and don't want you cluttering up their off street parking.
And if you don't know how to get a permit don't park in these spots. Locals keep a very close eye on anyone daring to park in these spots and they will call out parking control even at three in the morning if you use these spots:
And through the fence is the Truman Annex right next door. All residential, not parking for anyone else.