Friday, March 19, 2021

Bill Butler Park

Bill Butler Park is named for a Key West musician "The King of Junkanoo" which is a Bahamian celebration of a carnival sort. Butler died in 1984 and ended up being carried to his rest by his family members after the hearse broke down. That accident created a legend in that he had created a marching band to among other things accompany, funeral processions in the New Orleans style.

The park, after much of the usual Key West discussion has been cleaned up and freshened and all in honor of the musician. 

The work of renovation began in 2014 which was when I was here with my motorcycle and quite often with Cheyenne on her slow Eeyore like plods around town. Link

I like the approaches to the place along narrow streets lined with typical Conch cottages. Before the renovation the park itself had a remote feeling, far from noise and bustle of Key West's Old Town.

Cheyenne came and went in my life and through it all this old girl has spent her life on the porch watching me pass with her and with Rusty over the years. I wonder if she would envy Rusty his travels? I doubt it.  I rather suspect Rusty might envy her routine in place.

It's a pretty spot to spend a life:

I walked back to my Vespa pressed into service for a few rides around town prior to the new owner picking it up.