Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blue Heaven

Thursday dawned overcast and gray with drizzle ruining my plans for an outdoor day after my Wednesday night off work. I looked to the west and saw blue skies over Summerland Key and figured most likely Key West was under blue sunny skies so perhaps today was a morning off and we should drive. We stopped along the way, Cheyenne and I and took a little walk here and a little walk there and finally when Key West came into sight I could not help but notice a gray curtain of rain enveloping the island. I drove to Bahama Village where I planned to walk and photograph and leaving Cheyenne in the car, God knows it was cool enough I took myself to Blue Heaven for lunch. There was a brief wait and I felt about as happy as this cat: I sat at the bar, dripping, and ordered coffee as I planned to have breakfast. Before he could get to it, hardier people than I were drinking alcohol at eleven in the morning, I was called to my table in a dry part of the mostly open air restaurant.I rarely indulge my pleasure of newspaper, coffee and breakfast these days but for some reason I felt the urge to splurge and my wife was on a field trip sailing (!) with her class so I figured she couldn't complain. Instead of the very splendid mango pancakes I rather like I ordered off the special menu recited to me by the waitress and in no time at all I had strong coffee, the opinion page in a rather damp paper and a plate of shrimp, spinach and cheese omelette with mango garnish. I ordered no potatoes and none came with the dish which was fine by me as the calorie count was sure to be vast anyway and I got two thick slices of buttered toast, so I was full but happily not stuffed by the time I had finished reading the paper. My bill came to $18 to which I added a three dollar tip, which continues to rate Blue Heaven as a most expensive place to eat in my book. Excellent but not cheap.The rain was easing up a little on Petronia at Thomas Street by the time I had finished and Cheyenne was ready for her walk. The letter carrier was dismally sorting mail on her three wheeled electric carrier as I went to get the dog. Rain in Key West is generally short lived but two consecutive days of gray skies was getting me down. Blue Heaven is a good place for tourists who aren't watching pennies and want a particular Caribbean style meal. The menu is eclectic and well presented but I think I remain a fan of the Hatch's other, more reasonable enterprise, Salute at Higgs Beach. It was fun to take a morning off and walk Cheyenne around town after such a splendid start.