Wednesday, February 3, 2021

A Small Nowhere Space

In 2009 I rode my Triumph past this barely noticeable gap on the shoulder of US 1 and I stopped to take pictures. Sunday was a rainy day and I was hunting around for a dry foot walk for Rusty...why not Park Key, an update?
There is a sign to Keep Out which seems unnecessary but I dare say the idea is when you slip and fall and hurt yourself the county is covered against the inevitable lawsuit seeking damages. If you can put one foot safely in front of the other and don't jump off seawalls you will be fine.
There's not much here except some nice views and surround sound traffic noises from the highway.
Someone has parked what looks like a small cat boat in the protected shallows off Sugarloaf Key.
The picture above is Park Key and below there is the remains of a boat ramp and a small pier which was built on indestructible PVC pipes:
Rusty approved for a five minute exploration.
Parking is available on the shoulder at Mile Marker 19...

Rusty ahd to wait while I played with black and white for a few minutes...

In the end we had to go. He was pretty clear.