Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Glorious Day Off

Finally he got a sunny day on his day off. He urged the dog in his camper van with no effort at all and off they went to see the world on a lovely Tuesday morning.
That was me with Rusty yesterday in case you were puzzled. We parked twenty minutes from my house and soon we were walking together, more or less, around the Old Bahia Honda Bridge. Which as you can see is not doing at all well.

A kestrel was balanced on the remains of the old water pump house which was demolished by Hurricane Irma three years ago. It swiveled its head like a robot while I tried to capture it's rather disdainful stare.

Florida Keys Birding
Out to sea I spotted the low profile of the commercial fishing boat and a sailboat that perplexed me utterly. It was traveling downwind toward Key West bobbing around with its sails firmly furled. I know Webb Chiles, the inveterate sailor would have something grumpy to say about such lubberly behavior. I have to admit I was thinking negative thoughts about motoring downwind in a perfectly capable sailboat. 
No such issues with my camper van. I never feel guilty when I turn on the engine of the Promaster. Recharge the batteries, run air conditioning and get where you're going at an easy 60 mph.  I am enjoying travel by van and next week we are off to Pensacola to visit our socially distanced friend in that cool crisp climate on the Florida Panhandle. We are going to take a few days to make the 800 mile trip from Key West and I am looking forward to the break.
Looking pretty good for November and even though it is still humid the wind was blowing and it felt lovely to be out and away from my 911 desk.
Rusty and I were not alone.
After our walk I settled down with my computer in the back of the van and  while I wrote he kept an eye on things outside, his favorite place. 
Florida Keys Van Life
Our compact and functional kitchen, electrical induction burners, a Berkey water filter, a sink with 35 gallons of fresh water and a storage tank for the used water and a splendid view.
Van Life Florida Keys
A good morning's relaxation.