Tuesday, December 18, 2018


I see ducks. Honestly I don’t know what they are. I first published this blog in June 2007 and since then I have received all kinds of guff for my deplorable lack of knowledge in the fields of botany and bird watching.

So if you see me make a gross error in taxonomy for heaven’s sake call me out on it. Recently I posted a picture of a cormorant and an eager bird watcher and photographer, a true expert Mark Hedden wrote on my Instagram account that it was a green heron.

I’m sure he’s right but to me it was a dark shadow perched on a branch overlooking water.  Ergo it was a cormorant. Simple no? Incorrect it turns out but if it has a certain profile and it’s near water it’s a cormorant until proved otherwise.

And I hope I have made it clear you are very free to call bullshit if I get it wrong. I shan’t challenge you, nor shall I ever waste my precious time left on planet Earth trying to learn the names and distinguishing features of animal bird and plant life.

I know a few names in each category and that’s good enough for me. If this exposition leaves you feeling let down allow me to apologize, but take heart at least that I’m not pulling the wool over your eyes. If these aren’t cormorants they ought to be:
No, wait! Even I know these are pelicans. If they are white I think they are juveniles but these are adults I'm pretty sure.
A  broad view from a refurbished Rest Beach west  toward the White Street Pier.