Friday, November 8, 2019

Whitehead Walk

It's too early to be sure but it seems like summer might be over. Which is not what you expect to hear when it comes to describing conditions in a  place advertised as having an endless summer. However to someone used to the true summer months the refreshing coolness to be felt at the bookends of the day might be a sign.
I am not, as a general rule opposed to tropical heat because if i were I wouldn't make the effort to live here. And as odd as that may sound I do know people who don't like the Key West weather, they crave Fall colors and cold in the winter and so forth. There really is no accounting for taste. 48 of the 50 states can accommodate such requests, to varying degrees but Florida ( and Hawaii) are not the best choices.
Aside from the slightly cooler temperatures, noticeable in the early morning and late in the evening, there is lots more traffic clogging up the highway. I have no idea why snowbirds feel the need to get on the road during rush hour but sure as eggs is eggs in winter traffic grinds to a halt on Stock Island when the worker bees are going to work and coming home from same. As for speed limits they are the merest suggestion for the next eight months, and I fully expect to travel at five or ten miles an hour below the limit with frequent unexpected stops while differs try to figure out where they need to turn.
So on the one hand the temperatures and humidity drop and on the other so does the speed over the ground. It's tough to reconcile the two but this year it got backing hot before anyone was ready and it stayed climate change sizzling far longer than seemed necessary. So now the roads are clogged with snow refugees its time for the weather to recognize reality.
Walking Rusty gets easier but he isn't too excited yet to be out in the middle of the day. He hides in the shade or indoors on the couch saving his strength for his evening walk.  And after dark the breeze picks up and we actually enjoy a family walk in the dark across the mangrove flats. This black dog I have seen wandering around the public housing apparently owned but by someone who doesn't seem to keep a close eye on him. He was scared mostly so life doesn't seem full of joy for him but he's not on a chain at least. I can't stand seeing dogs on chains.
I don't mind seeing them on trailers though and I caught this one by chance as he swerved off Duval Street.
I don't think Rusty would be very happy on a small trailer like that but this guy looked entirely content:
Rusty was not at all interested in the dog on the trailer. I think he was faking interest in 24 hour parking.
I try to dodge reality during the winter, seeking out quiet moments downtown, early in the morning usually when the crowds are still abed.

The good bit about winter in Key West is the live theater that picks up along with other cultural events as musicians and artists and actors also come south to avoid winter, just like everybody else and so we get a cultural boost. I'm looking forward to that as I drone drearily along the road home planning to lose another fifteen minutes out of my time with Rusty as I keep on trying to avoid distracted drivers. They got me once and I'm trying to avoid a repeat of that fun event.