Monday, March 18, 2019

Southernmost Point

It's been feeling busy in town lately and I'm told there's one more heavy week of Spring Break left, though whether that is true or not I'm not sure. I try to take it a sit comes. As a kind of barometer of the crowds I wanted to go downtown to check the crowds for myself. On the way I followed  a scooter rider dragging his legs down South Street and I wondered at his temerity so close to damaging himself and his bare feet:
Oh boy! The southernmost buoy was crowded all right. Check it out:
I was quite surprised how smoothly cars went through the intersection. My heart sank as I approached in a line of vehicles but in the roadway all went smoothly. Unlike the sidewalks where clumps of people ebbed and flowed like kelp in a tidepool. I had to stop to check it out. 
Camera round my neck I assumed the posture of a tourist and looked around. There was apparently tons to photograph. I joined in enthusiastically.
Better to be driving than jostled on foot!
I watched the point for a while. There is also a webcam if you care to stare at it from the comfort of home.
We were also permitted to enjoy an underpants view at the monument. Couldn't fail to record that.
One things that struck me was how lovely the sea and sky looked behind the buoy, and how little anyone seemed to notice them.
I guess there was a job to be done, to be seen at the point and then sea gazing and cloud faffing would come later.
Onward and upward!

Chickens have the measure of the visitors:
Should hunger or thirst strike while engaged in the important business of recording your location there are southernmost vendors in the continental united states:
And of course should you take a Conch Train Tour you will get your chance to photograph the southernmost buoy too:
My plan to had to the 200 block of Duval was thwarted by the prospect of just too much traffic to deal with. I skipped out of town direct. Much too peopley.