Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Overseas Market

I wondered if Rusty might enjoy walking the back alleys behind the shopping centers of New Town. Usually I take him downtown to walk the smells of Lower Duval around the bars and discarded hot dog buns at four in the morning on my days off.

When we travel these kinds of walks are much more the norm because before we got the van and slept in hotels, shopping centers and vast  empty parking lots are the most convenient open spaces near the hotels. 

So I asked myself, perhaps he'd like to walk here for a change?

Our first foray to Searstown was such a success I repeated the experiment behind Overseas Market.

Four thirty in the morning is the ideal time to social distance.

All alone.


And Rusty couldn't get enough of it, back and forth for more than an hour.

Even here there are mangrove hideaways.

Industrial Key West and abstract art!

A convenient parking space for a commuter who lives at anchor and uses the Salt Run Creek under North Roosevelt as his road to a daily routine:

This place used to be called Shimp (sic) Daddy's and now it's Biggie's. I hadn't heard about the change in name, which when you work 911 is probably a good thing.

Interior Design!

And exterior maintenance:

And some rather less than salubrious exteriors too. 

Pay attention, even during Spring Break:

Our of focus art, the picture above on my first attempt...

He liked it and I did too so I guess we will be back.

Who needs Mallory Square?