Saturday, June 22, 2013

State Road 939A Closed

I haven't been down this road recently principally owing to the fact that Cheyenne isn't particularly fond of it. Wasn't I surprised to see these signs closing the road.

This will be no more Key West Diary: Paved Road Ends . Well, bugger.

Cheyenne is pretty clear about what she wants and what she does not want. When she is tired or bored she stops and we turn around. It's her walk, her time so she calls the shots. And she called an end to this walk almost as soon as we started. Thus proving my earlier point that she is not fond of walking this old state road.

Which makes me wonder how and why they, whoever they are decided to close this state road, a public roadway, to traffic. People liked to drive it so I guess that was reason enough to close it. It was easy enough to share with cars as speeds are slow giving walkers and cyclists plenty of time to get out of the way. A little driving adventure had to be shut down. What a boring sanitized world is closing in on us. I like walking but not everyone does. Too bad for them.

There are plenty of low flying bugs around here too, and forgetting the chemicals is a capital offense. Death by insect injection.

I remembered to apply my own before I got out the car. Fat load of good it did! The bugs seek out the tiny strips of skin not actually sprayed. I saw one trying to probe under my fingernail...

There's a big old compound at the end of paved section of the street, past the KOA camp ground. A multi million dollar mosquito breeding ground, poor buggers. Mind you they likely only use this vast spacious residence for a few weeks in winter so that solves that for the most part.

Cheyenne is a tough old bird and she gets more annoyed at me for brushing insects off her nose than she does at the mosquitoes for landing there.

It turned out to be not much of a walk. Cheyenne ate some grass then went and stood by the car door. I got the hint.
We stopped at the junction with the Overseas Highway, across from Mangrove Mama's Restaurant and we took off on a second attempt at a walk. This one I knew she'd like, looking for bait fish left on the old Flagler footbridge. To get there we had to walk through the construction where they are digging to install sewer pipes covered with a new bike path.

It was muddy and hot and mosquito free. Cheyenne was happy and that dissipated some of my grumpiness about the road closure.