Saturday, January 31, 2015


I confess it will be a struggle for me to be cheerful about a place that replaces Finnegan's Wake, what used to be the quintessential dark cool pub. It was the place I liked to go by myself or with a friend, the food was good and utterly unlike anything else in town. It was a better pub than any I've seen in the US, so that was that when they closed.
I don't eat out much at the moment so it's no loss to the restaurant to say I miss the past. I need to make this a final look back and when I am back drinking alcohol and buying sugar fat and salt and I actually have time to do something other than work and prepare podcasts (!) I will enjoy checking this place out. I am not alone.
I suspect this new clean fresh space will do fine without me for a while. Led by experienced owners, retaining the old chef (Colcannon anyone?) and a strong Facebook following problem. And cooking the pest Lionfish gives us a clue that they know what's going on in the Keys.
Up the street on Caroline Braza Lena the Brazilian barbecue dining room is still flying the sign outside while inside the place is upside down. The sign in the window said they'd be back after renovations. Mind you they've been closed forever.
I used to like this place from time to time not for the full on huge meat meals in the restaurant but for a mixed grill on a plate washed down with a Brazilian beer. So much for that. I'm not doing so well am I, if I ever get to eat out again.