Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Light Over Bahia Honda

I am not looking forward to Winter Time in a couple of months so I am carrying my Canon SX100 when I take Cheyenne for her early walks.

It's hot and humid during the day and she likes to expend her energy before the sun gains strength so I spend a lot of time seeking out different walks to cheer her up and keep her interested. I am amazed how often I see people walking their dogs same place, same time day after day. Cheyenne would never put up with it.

It's pretty nice to be out here around seven in the morning as the sun starts to color the sky and the clouds and the water.

Highway One offers few sounds as commuters are just gearing up for the most part and tourists are still snoring in Miami, for the most part. Not all of them but enough that engine noise doesn't overwhelm the sound of the wind in my ears.

I have lots of time to look out over the water as Cheyenne snuffles around in the anglers' abandoned trash.

Its too dark to read so I always hope for an inspiring sunrise. This one had it's moments.

I was there to benefit my dog and do nothing more than keep an eye on her. Others were out with blood lust on their minds.

I mean, really, it's not bad is it? Sunrise over Bahia Honda in the distance.

The cause of all the trouble couple of hours later.

I wonder if she dreams of beauty seen or just remembers dead bait fish and trash.

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