Friday, March 23, 2012

Dogs And Chickens On Albury

What the operators of the secret surveillance cameras didn't know was that I was out there photographing them. So there!

It was another pretty day in The Meadows one of my favorite neighborhoods.

The gruesome big apartment complex on Eisenhower Drive, easily as tall as the hated new school building at Horace O'Bryant has been painted a refreshing shade of mustard yellow. I wonder why this night on the landscape doesn't stir people up in the newspaper the same way the school building does?

Recreational vehicles are not allowed on city streets if they are over 20 feet (6.7 meters) long.

This is why people spend absurd amounts of money to live here, year round greenery and permanent blue skies.

Cheyenne was minding her own business sashaying down the street when the local canine noticed the babe in their midst.

If you walk this neighborhood shortly before dusk you will see a positive army of people walking their dogs in all directions. The Meadows seems to be full of canines, and here they are.

Key West is a city of primary colors.

Roosters add co.or to though I could do without the messy beasts. Some people really like them.

Was this a dog or a chicken? I couldn't quite tell...

These decidedly were chickens, digging and squawking and making their own mess.

These signs certainly improve the look of the town. If you are too inconsiderate to pick up after your dog reminding everyone else that dog "waste" exists isn't going to persuade you to clean it up. Notice how the sign even carries a pictogram showing how to pick up dog shit, like it's rocket science. Who dreams these things up?

A motorcycle is all you need to get around in Key West.

And to end our short tour of Albury Street we have a quick view of a rock wall. Why it's here I have no idea.

The Albury family has deep roots in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas where they are known for boat building.

In Key West the name is perpetuated by a short street in a delightfully quiet residential neighborhood.

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