Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Rainy Key West Day

I am not fond of gray skies but my Panasonic camera is sold as rain-proof and I wanted to see. However i am not a fan of muted gray skies and on these days I miss the bright colors and sharp shadows of sunshine over Key West.
The light was washed out, like a room with the blinds drawn. Movement became a blur in the long exposures required on such an afternoon.
Rusty didn't mind the rain and nor did the cat we saw on Grinnell Street:
The man pedaled along
 the edge of the cemetery
weaving slowly,
singing in Spanish,
waving and blowing kisses,
to everyone
as he passed by.
Mark Hedden
My walks allow me to think and be alone  with those thoughts and to see things that others don't seem to. Then I met  a cat who saw Rusty all right. And carried right on eating.
I saw this further along and I have no idea:
The other night at work Shannon asked for my help with a location in the police 911 mapping system. She wasn't even surprised when I knew the answer to a query about a nondescript building on Center Street. I was rather surprised I knew exactly what the place was and as she gave the address information to the officer over the radio she started laughing. "only you would know" she said. 
I like Key West and my camera helps me to observe what I might otherwise miss. I like history too and so I find myself sucked into the views and the unconsidered trifles that other people walk by everyday. People confuse me and I am not much goo at photographing them. So my Key West is not awkward (to me) social scenes which bring out my fear of social ineptitude but street scenes and odd  moments where things don't make sense or the daily order has somehow been disturbed. 
How this picture happened I'm not sure, perhaps an accidental swipe of the shutter control but it expressed my feelings about the incessant drizzle:
I saw lots of couples sharing umbrellas. Unlike most places rain in Key West isn't terrible, on hardly notices it as it rarely leads to hypothermia. Wet clothes dry and looking bedraggled isn't  a terminal social faux pas here.

I wondered why a man would laboriously polish his rather ratty scooter under the rain but Rusty had no time to stop and ask.
At home we rubbed off briskly with a towel and I made tea while Rusty tucked his nose under his tail and waited for dinner.