Saturday, January 26, 2019

Random Pictures

Some days don't need words. 
 I've been enjoying playing with depth of field and colors and flowers.
 Depth of field is what Apple calls portrait mode for its new phones.
 I feel lucky to live in a  colorful world in winter.

 I never noticed this notation before in the asphalt at the end of Government Road in Little Hamaca. That this was a Hawk Missile Site during the Cuban Crisis is well known and that it was called Bravo Battery also. But here were the words, still preserved:

I cracked a smile when I saw this trailing behind Rusty in a neighborhood. 
To do this to a tree would never occur to me. 

 Fuzzy palms? I don't think I was hallucinating.

 I guess some people like snow and winter sports.
 I'm not one of them.
 Rusty loves thick grass. He sat, rolled and lay there sniffing for a while.
 He grazed for a bit and then sniffed the air like a connoisseur until he was ready to move on. 

I look at pictures of drab winters Up North and am glad not to live that reality.