Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Boat Traffic

Take a lovely sunny day, choose to fight traffic crawling through Old Town and pop out in Mallory Square facing the water after you've parked and girded your loins to face the heat and bright sunshine. 
Looking out over the water is what I do at Mallory Square. I'm not so interested in the public space as it's pretty much empty until sunset when the performers show up. It can be warm here too as the winds blow from the eats and you are sitting in the sun on the very western edge of the city. But the views are worth it, and can be very relaxing. 
You can look out and envy people living on their boats in perfect freedom on the sheet of lovely turquoise or aquamarine water. No property taxes, no neighbors closer then you want them, no urban noise. Lovely.
Well not exactly. Let's take a closer look remembering I have spent tie living on the water at anchor, underway, on moorings and in marinas. And I can tell you living "on the hook" presents problems that you may not have thought of. Like find your own water and carry it out to he boat or install a water maker to convert seawater to drinking water. Not cheap, but I loved mine.
Then you can find tons of traffic flowing through your peaceful anchorage and each big heavy boat throws up a wake that will rock your little floating world and the big boats don't care.
So make sure anything you care about is tied down. These large boats are the equivalent of 18 wheelers and they are busy working so they can't be expected to worry too much about the feelings of people who choose to be salty and live on a boat.
The other thing about living at anchor is that you have to wonder how much traveling you will do when you are busy keeping house on the water. Even when living in a marina this can be a problem as all the impediments of daily living can spill over making it hard to get the boat ready to travel. 
And as you may notice living in the marina puts you right back in the neighborhood with people living next to you as much like a trailer park as anything. If you are at anchor in the distant harbor you have to cross a wide windy body of water to park your dinghy here while you go ashore to shop or work or see friends.
But for free accommodation you do get lovely views.
And who knew you could find floating bars out here on the water?
One of my aggravations on the water has always been jet skis which move fast and make noise even though they don't throw up much of a wake.
And for whatever reason, perhaps boredom they always seem to be attracted to boats and anchor and they have a terrible habit of buzzing boats just for something to do, or something to look at.
Back on Mallory Square, landward side the visitors are starting to flow and get busy taking their own pictures and making friends with chickens...
 ...or seagulls...
 ...or even inquisitive pigeons.
So you could live on the water or live ashore directly...amid the chaos of daily life.