Monday, March 21, 2016

Mangroves And Dogs

The appearance of Rusty in my life has restored to me the desire to take long walks in the woods. 
 These are places filled with Cheyenne memories for me.
Cheyenne preferred urban walks after she got older and used to being indulged in her tastes. So I haven't been out here in a while and it was good to be back. 
 Butterflies were out there was no one around and Rusty and I had the morning to ourselves.
In an ideal world one might like a small hill or two to increase the panorama but one makes do with what one has and a former road reduced to a trail does nicely.

 Rusty went exploring, popping in and out of the bushes at random and having a grand old time.
Carolina Dog at play...
 And some seriously large spiders. I recommend walking with a stick held out in front of your face to catch the webs if you don't see them in time to avoid them.

Good dog Rusty, a worthy successor to Cheyenne.