Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Pirate In Key West


I am not a huge fan of pirate nonsense or small children and combining the two you'd think would send me over the edge. He however seemed rather appealing, though how he managed it I am not at all sure. When someone asked Fred why he didn't want children he replied deadpan: "I prefer to have disposable income." an unworthy sentiment of course, and keeps coming to mind. The other line I really like a lot is when well meaning people interfering in my life suggest I'll like children when I have them. Which leads one to ask onsefl, what if I don't, what do I do then? Take them to the pound? Drop them off at your place? Luckily the issue has never come up, nor shall it at this late stage.


Sleeper Awake!

I was on Whitehead Street and I saw a couple of tourists occupying my favorite table downtown. This is where I come with a con leche from Jeanna's Deli, more properly known as the Courthouse Deli these days. That's the convenience store across the street from the Green Parrot Bar. The table under the banyan tree in front of the county courthouse is a good place to take a break while downtown. As these tourists figured out.

When I first spotted them he was pointing a video camera straight in her face, from less than a foot and he appeared to be interrogating her, which struck me as rather odd behavior but she didn't seem to mind. Maybe she's given commentaries on home movies from all the world, and perhaps her piquant commentary will persuade hordes of her relatives to come to Key West in search of the Fountain of Youth or some other such fanciful thing. Mind you considering their company not ten feet away that sort of encouragement would be quite astonishing.

For all that he was fully dressed and pointing away from the happy couple I could not really consider him to be the best possible advertisement for Key West's undoubted charms. I suppose I should have taken the opportunity to point out the value of the constitutional protections he enjoys by lying in the grass in a public place on a weekday afternoon, completely unmolested. All I could think was how does Naples (Florida) manage to be so clean and tidy and bum free while Key West can't maintain the same distinction? It all adds to the quirky nature of the Southernmost City, I suppose.

The tourists on Whitehead photographed above were not actually photographing the bum, he whom they affected not to notice. They were charmed by actual Key West quirk:

It really is a pretty spot at 500 Whitehead Street, all grass and trees and shade and chickens in the shadow of the county building.

The sylvan scene marred only slightly by the presence of the determined sleeper in their midst.