Sunday, December 20, 2020

Front Street Dawn

It has been hot and sticky all this week as we prepare the van to go North and enjoy some crisp cold northern Florida mornings next week. Walking Mallory Square in drippy heat was worth it, to see the sunrise and create  a picture with a suitable message and quintessential Keys scene.
It never ceases to surprise me how little effort it takes to get our campervan ready for the road. It isn't much work as each trip we figure out better ways to store stuff to use on the road but each trip requires refilling the water tank, loading suitable clothes, turning the refrigerator on and stashing food and ice in it, while making sure the tires have air and our bed has bedding. We will be leaving behind the fleshpots and tourist attractions of Key West seeking sylvan solitude and long dog walks. No museums for us on our journey unfortunately as we are dedicated to social distancing. Sigh. 
By the time you read this we should have left home and hopefully we will have cleared the Keys before traffic builds and starts crashing and closing the road at random, and after  that we have no plans. A family gathering vaguely imagined fell through as it became apparent that the coronavirus is not going away. I was rather surprised there were ever any plans to gather but I kept my own counsel and in the fullness of time the plan after much modification was scrapped entirely. Once upon a time I would have made my negative feelings known rather loudly but I am old and wiser now and I wait to give others a chance to catch up.  
Florida Keys Van Life
I think that when by this time next year we are vaccinated and have the virus on the ropes I shall indulge myself in an orgy of outings to museums and attractions and perhaps even I might do something I have never taken the time to do...
...ride the only escalator in the city of key West:
I took this picture of a scooter parked on Front Street with a  caption in mind: "Your ride awaits."  Looking back I'm not sure what the actual point of that was. But that is the fun of not needing to justify my pictures, even the crappy ones. In my attempts at getting better I hear a lot of professionals agonizing about stuff that leaves me cold, consistency and only publishing the best. I think of myself as documenting, of noticing the passing of time and my place in it. 
I see people starting to fear Facebook and its influence but I gave up on the platform years ago and now I only keep an account to check for traffic problems reported by the Sheriff's office and a couple of group accounts, vans and cameras that can be helpful from time to time. At a time when private pages were dead and forgotten I never did choose to kill this page though I came close a few times. Now I see photographers frantically opening pages with Squarespace which is advertising all over YouTube and telling us to create photo projects...well I started that 13 years ago so I guess I was ahead of the curve long before I knew it. 
Early cellphone cameras were pretty dire though the potential was obvious and I struggled with an Android phone that lacked storage space but had reputedly the best camera setup. Such a faff to adjust the picture with onscreen commands. My first iPhone, a  four I think, was better but eventually I wanted a telephoto lens and that put me in the actual camera camp. And I never looked back.
And there I was sweating in the unseasonal humidity and the sun came up. Key West is like that, lot so stories, lots of pictures, much beauty. And I want to drive away for Christmas. Silly me.