Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Eaton Street

I spend a lot of time looking up when I wander the streets of Key West. Usually summer  is the time of year clouds form and look menacing but naturally this weird winter we get random rain and extra clouds to keep things interesting.
I walked down Eaton Street and noticed a trend in my pictures. I used to meet my wife here for lunch with two elderly gents , one cooked the other served a fixed meal at a fixed price in the garden in back.  You got what you were given. Now it's all gone.
Subway seems to have closed too, a place where occasionally you get  a last minute sandwich of no great merit before or after a movie. One only gets sentimental about these things when they are gone. 
I don't get donuts here as unusual as they are because I don't much like the owner. They won't miss me as they do a roaring trade and sell out easily without my help! 
My last interaction here reminded me of the soup guy on Seinfeld and I am avoiding drama these days. They are just donuts and  I don't eat them very often. Lots of pastries in town all over the place. 
And then there is the occasional boarded up house. These always manage to surprise me considering the value of land the cost of housing and all that in this crazy town. I was listening to a  debate on the radio about the housing problems of San Francisco and you'd better believe you feel better wherever you live when you try to get your head around their problems...Anyway one of the "experts" pointed out that every single tourist destination around the world, from Barcelona to Bali has the same issues with rich people buying up housing stock for investments pushing residents out of the cities and tourist centers. Great, I thought, we are just like everyone else. Fantastic.
The Tropic cinema is fine as far as I know but I did enjoy the blank "coming soon" poster....it gave me a nice  caption for  Instagram. Good enough I thought.  It was about here I got the idea to do a series of photos about things closing. 
I know...St Paul isn't closed but I liked the skyline right there. Sometimes I allow myself to enjoy the beautiful in Key West. There is so much to get annoyed about in this town I can't wait to be retired and free to fulminate...No I want to be free to enjoy the good bits and not hear from the miserable, the drunk and the beaten up by life all the time. The sheer beauty of the church tower mustn't escape me and my jaundiced eye:
And this was my little joke.
The bicycles were in front of the Saints which I photographed another time. Very atmospheric:
Yes, that's what this city is, full of atmosphere:
And then I saw this fierce looking dude hauling his very expensive coconut. I expect it was expensive if he bought it. He looked armed for a good time with it though.
My Key West, not a sunset in sight but still a  splendid place.