Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rusty In The Woods

Rusty and I bonded like crazy on the trip to North Carolina so I want to do it again in the spring. 
Bob making coffee with his little helper.
My beloved Cheyenne at the same place a few years ago.
Rusty ready to go out- NOW:
Checking the woods for sounds.
Watching the cold damp world outside wake up:
Busy little hiker:
Cheyenne checking the same woods a few years ago. She's hard to forget.
The views:
Meeting strangers:
Staying safe in the Celo community:
Rusty wore himself out every day and in the evening took off by himself to bed upstairs after dinner:
Cheyenne used to sit around with the adults because she was an adult:

Three generations at dinner in Asheville:
Rusty found the patio too noisy and preferred waiting outside watching the world go by:

Running in Ohle's Meadow:
An unexpected stop by a pond close to South Carolina on the way home: