Saturday, August 29, 2020

Pigeons And Masks

More mask signs, this one at the Margaritaville Resort on the docks. I get the feeling masks will one day be something we will not even notice. At the rate we are going it seems like we are never going to be done with the damned things. I wish these notices weren't necessary buit still we struggle on.
I wonder what kind of communications one has to have to be able to live even a portion of your time on a boat that has four domes. I sent this picture to my sailing friend Webb who ventures off shore with no means to communicate other than through a  modest locator device and he noticed the forest of satellite telephony antennas as well.
But some poor soul needs to spend time polishing the thing because god forbid it should be speckled. 
The elements were working against the industrious use of the chamois leather, rain seems to be a given on  any day I have off:
But for pigeons rainwater is just an excuse to have a bath. They didn't seem best pleased by my interest in their al fresco ablutions:
Gratuitous Rusty picture in front of the Mel Fisher museum: