Sunday, October 4, 2009

Small Town Stuff

It's a short essay this Sunday morning, simply because I couldn't take the time to stop and take pictures the way I like to, so I only caught a smattering of the action on the sports field:I have written previously about Bayview Park, a grassy area off Truman Avenue a block wide to Virginia Street between the Police Station and the Harvey Government Center. Bayview is home to tennis courts, basketball courts and a large grassy area dotted with mature trees and it used to boast several picnic tables which got removed thanks to their permanent habitation by the city's residentially challenged residents. Much to my surprise, en route to an appointment, I spotted a bunch of youngsters organized into football squads in the park:
One tends to forget when dealing with Key West that this is an actual community with people raising families frequently out of sight of the tourist attractions and bars that the city is famous for. Fantasy Fest is a big deal, an adult themed carnival down Duval Street at the end of October, and New Year's Eve involves adult themed parties around town. But in between these well know festivities Key West quietly celebrates it's families with a Christmas Parade. I like seeing this sort of thing going on not least because it's precisely not what Key West is known for.The kids get their audience from their families and when they are playing football the local residents of the park get pushed out. I guess sit takes a football game for the families to reclaim the park! And that was all I had time for. I've wanted to sit in the bleachers all summer long at Wickers Field and watch the junior baseball but the opportunity never arose.So I was determined not to let this brief opportunity slip me by. Small town Key West- I just hope I'm not working the night of Christmas parade.