Monday, March 26, 2012

Smathers Beach

I don't know what the intent was in flying a giant Benjamin Franklin but symbolically it was a perfect flag for Spring Break.

Smathers Beach is the daytime epicenter of Spring Break activity despite all the prohibitions.

This time of year seems to have slipped back to the happy family mode which is more relaxing for the whole town.

If less profitable.

The keys don't have great beaches but Smathers isn't terrible even though the waters are shallow offshore.

The lines at the vendor trucks have shrunk and the beach is starting to look it's usual sleepy self.

Though there were a fair few bicycles in the rack as you can see.

I like hanging out sometimes at the beach on my way home at the end of my shift. Those are the times I like best at Smathers Beach.

Some people live for their days at the beach.

And some people in Key West miss the sights of Spring Break.

Not me. I was getting fair worn out from all the people in town. Never mind how much money they bring.

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