Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Duval Street At Night

I think the little stray cat was making out like a bandit on Front Street at half past three in the morning. I saw a box of wings Cheyenne would have loved and they weighed about as much as the cat who watched me (and my flash) rather warily.
 I was not alone in my fascination with the slow shut down of the bars on Lower Duval Street.
Well, let's amend that, not everyone was fascinated by the young people giving their livers  a last work over before the bars closed:
 The cabs were lining up to haul the punters home:
And this fine figure of a man was keeping the drivers guessing by randomly leaping into the street and screaming while waving his arms. To me he seemed harmless but I was surprised someone hadn't called 911 on his behalf. It has  become quite fashionable to call 911 to complain about your neighbors.
 A few last things to discuss before splitting for home.
 The hot dog stand has practically run out of meat so it must be time.
 I have my Bonneville nearby to whisk me back to work.
Just a few more hours and then we fly home for a long weekend off.