Monday, February 5, 2018


Assorted Key West living spaces:
 All absurdly expensive, of course.
 A small modern apartment far from Duval might be had for less than $300,000.
 Characteristic Conch Cottages go for between $750,000 and whatever absurd sum you may care to be bold enough to ask for.

Stock Island trailers now under threat as development moves to the working class island next to Key West:
 Public housing in New Town Key West, with long waiting lists to get a unit:
By contrast Old Town Key West and the classic lines of Conch Cottages, some equipped with modern solar collectors:
There was a huge debate  about adding solar to historic homes in the historic neighborhood. They are even reluctant to allow hurricane resistant windows as they are not of the right character for a 19th century neighborhood.
 Like the Vatican, Key West moves at a  snail's pace when it comes to innovation.