Tuesday, July 21, 2020


We arrived at dusk at the Kentucky welcome center on I-64 and pulled into a slot far from the trucks and the welcome center restrooms. It has been. steep learning curve but after several days on the road, stopping with friends and stopping by ourselves the van is starting to feel like home.
The pleasure of having your home with you is still slightly surprising novelty when I look around and see my wife's decorations,my dog sleeping on the bed and the fridge filled with food and doing it's silent job. We had a couple fo pauses in the process but this is a shake up cruise and so a couple of slight issues got dealt with and that added to the sense of accomplishment. From Chicago  where we make other planned visits, we hope to finally get a few days of not much travel in the woods of northern Wisconsin. And there and time to photograph and wrote and walk Rusty at my leisure.