Sunday, November 14, 2021

Indianapolis Industrial

This is typical of where we walk when we stop at a hotel on the road. We took some points earned on our Hilton American Express card and stayed at a Hampton Inn near Indianapolis to get cleaned and sorted out with the not minor pleasure of escaping a frigid Indiana night.

In the morning Rusty was in no hurry to get up but it was a Saturday so every dog deserves a slow start occasionally...Fortress Hampton:

We had the great good fortune to find ourselves in the middle of a vast grassy industrial park so when we were far from traffic he got his time to run and be a dog and do his own thing. It's good for all of us to not be controlled all the time.

It was gray and overcast and cold and freshened by a biting wind on the promise of snow the next day. I did really well for a tropical freak, even when I could no longer feel my cheeks.

Rusty was completely unfazed though he did look a bit warily at a hedge filled with rattling dying wind blown leaves.

I loved the Got Junk? truck because I could shout lustily against the wind:"Hell NO!"  Looking back I can say with confidence that saying goodbye to friends was the worst part of leaving (Wayne), but once you got past the lump in the throat moments it was dealing with all the junk you had never considered or counted in your life. Closing down the house before leaving is a remembered nightmare of dumping crap I never even knew we had. I'm telling you: sell your junk to unsuspecting strangers on Facebook. You will love the money and not miss the junk.

It really was cold, 36 degrees with a biting wind. An Instagram comment on my pride in my new puffy jacket mentioned that yes it was nice but it might just about do for Autumn in Sweden. Now I know what she meant: I was comfortable but not hot.

I saw this below and immediately wanted a job (they are hiring like everyone is) but I also had  a desire for an aphrodisiac chocolate tusk. A joke that might not get me hired were I to mention it during the hiring interview.

Sod it. I'm retired and we are in Chicago to freeze properly and solidly. Keep your chocolate I need heat.